Lotteries are played worldwide for recreational as well as financial purposes. After all, who doesn’t love easy money? Some people have lost their earnings of a lifetime as well as people who have earned a fortune overnight by playing a lottery. However, the authenticity of it can never be known by ordinary people. Even though a lot of rules and regulations are proposed and imposed on the lottery business, many people say that these lotteries are rigged. Many conspiracy theories try to prove that these lotteries are rigged. Although they don’t provide any concrete evidence, some of the ideas are mentioned below.

The Mafia

It is said that the mafia rig the lotteries and enable only specific people with ties with the criminal gangs to win the prizes. Some people also believe that the winners are given a certain amount of money and the rest is distributed by the mafia among themselves. The origins and the identity of the past winners are repeatedly questioned.

A stimulus to the economy

It is believed that the government itself is providing the lottery industry a stimulus package. Considering the humongous number of people who are attracted to this way of earning easy money, the industry is considered to be providing a big boost to the economy. Thus it is looked upon as a way to jump-start the economy. Attractive results, prize amounts, and winners are constantly advertised so that more and more people are attracted to buying more tickets.

Everything is a fake

This theory specifically says that the whole lottery business is fake. The ones who claim themselves as the winners are paid actors who do it for the money. The theory doesn’t explain who gets the money paid by the ones buying the tickets, or who would agree to act like they have won a lottery prize.

Winners are pre-decided

This theory says that all the winners of a lottery are pre-decided. There is no actual process by which a winner is chosen. All of the procedures shown to the public are fake, and the winner who is decided beforehand is presented before the public. As proof of this theory, the strange and somewhat shady statistics of the demographics of people winning the lottery are pointed at.

The Illuminati

However ridiculous this theory might sound, it is believed by a large number of people. This theory says that the whole system of the lottery is rigged by the Illuminati. It says that the Illuminati is controlling the winners, and if you are chosen to win, you must join the organization. The theory doesn’t present any type of evidence or proof. Note that the existence of the Illuminati itself is a conspiracy theory.


A lot of weird theories are put forward to make lotteries look rigged. However, none of them provides concrete evidence. Presently, lotteries around the world are heavily regulated and highly popular among the masses.

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