With all the associated rules and regulations, it can be a tricky business to buy a lottery. Also, there are a lot of scammers in this business. To purchase an authentic lottery, you have two ways.

  • Buying online
  • Buying in person

Detailed steps to buying tickets are listed below.

Buy a lottery ticket online

Buying a lottery ticket online is advisable when you live in an area where a lottery is not legal. In such cases, you can play a lottery online and the winnings will be sent to you by the website. To buy a lottery online, consider following the below steps

  • Find a vendor

Browse the internet and find an online lottery vendor who would be reputable, safe, and authentic. Online lotteries are very rarely well-regulated, so be careful while choosing a vendor.

  • Legalities

Review the laws and regulations associated with the lottery once again so you don’t lose money in the future.

  • Subscription

Some online vendors try to make money by levying a subscription fee. Usually, these are meager amounts. Check whether your vendor demands such fees and pay if applicable.

  • Selection

Choose the numbers and options on your tickets. Pick your numbers according to your wish, choose the number of draws that you want, check the details once again, and head to the check-out page.

  • Payment

Pay for your ticket by using the options provided by the vendor. An email of confirmation would be sent to your registered email ID. Do not forget to review your order before paying for it.

Buying a lottery ticket in person

Buying a lottery ticket in person is much safer and reliable than buying a ticket online. Consider the following steps while buying a lottery ticket in person.

  • Budget

By considering aspects like your income and your experience in the lottery, decide your budget beforehand. By doing this, you will not end up overspending.

  • Find a store

You will have to find a store that sells lottery tickets. This is not difficult as generally all the grocery stores, convenience stores, and supermarkets sell them. Many lotteries also gave online store-finders that help you find their vendors according to your location.

  • Proof

Provide proof of age to the vendor if required.

  • Selection

Select the numbers that you want to bet on. An official lottery payslip is provided on which you will have to mark the numbers of your choice.

  • Random option

You can also let a computer-based software choose a random number for you to bet on.

  • Number of draws

Inform the vendor whether you wish to play multiple draws or not. Choose the number of draws that you want to play.

  • Buy the ticket

Review every order and buy the ticket which will act as a receipt. You might want to sign the ticket to authenticate it.

Other options to play the lottery

  • Scratch-off tickets
  • Keno
  • Pull-tab tickets
  • Pick three/ pick four


By using the authentic methods to buy the lottery tickets, you can successfully prevent yourself from being scammed.

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