Have you ever looked at the winning lottery numbers and wondered if you knew how to pick lottery numbers? There is a rare possibility of getting a number of your choice.

Some players believe in superstitions, while some pick out random numbers. It is the choice of the players to get particular tickets and lottery books. But everyone’s fate may not be even close to that of Richard Lusting. Now you must be wondering who is Richard Lusting and why is he an essential name in the world of lottery?

Richard has been a pioneer in winning lotteries. He has around seven grand prizes, the most prominent one being the 842,152.91 dollars won from a single win in Florida. If we win the lottery of a thousand dollars, it might be a great deal for us! Imagine a guy having earned more than a million dollars just from lotteries.

There are certain tips and facts which can boost your chances of getting the winning number:

  • Choose different numbers

It is believed that choosing similar numbers or numbers from the same group many not succeed. You need to try different combinations, and it is better if chosen numbers do not end or start with the same digits.

  • Spend more, win more

This option is only convenient for those who can afford to buy multiple tickets. Some even buy dozens of tickets for increasing chances. Even if they pick lottery numbers based on the strategies they believe in, it might be advantageous or disadvantageous.

It is an advantage for those who win the lottery after spending so much on the ticket, as they would get some profits. On the other hand, the ones who do not win anything might face a significant loss along with regrets.

  • Popularity does not matter.

The more popular lotteries have more participants, so your chances of winning are obviously less. So, choose your lottery games wisely. You can pick lottery numbers based on your plans and techniques without much tension.

  • The lottery syndicate

Instead of spending a lot of tickets, make a lottery syndicate. It simply means you form a group with the people you know, and buy many tickets by even contribution.

The more tickets you have, the better are your winning odds. You can either win the million-dollar jackpot or win multiple small amounts. The overall quantity won is divided equally among the syndicate members. So, you have many chances to win the lottery with this method.

  • The wide probability spectrum

The probability of getting a particular number is significantly less. There are many websites, software, apps, and data that might imply absolute numbers as frequent. But do not forget that multiple people might use the same reference. So it does not always work as the numbers might be ubiquitous.

  • Common dates

People who believe in using actual dates to pick lottery numbers may win the lottery. But, there is a limitation to this technique. Since using birthdays or anniversary date is a trend, such winning lottery numbers may have several prize winners. The dates are limited, hence similar choices of numbers.

What are Richard’s suggestions on winning the lottery?

Richard was one of the luckiest lottery winners of all time. He has mentioned in specific interviews and even in the lottery books written by him that some tricks helped him win. Here are those suggestions by Richard:

  • Research well on the numbers and study all the aspects. Any number might win, but you need to prepare.
  • You can stick to some numbers and use the same sequence till you win.
  • The machine picked numbers are not to be trusted. So it is better to avoid quick pick numbers.
  • Do not go for the lotteries with large jackpot amounts. There would be more people participating, and hence it reduces your winning odds.

Concluding the discussion

You need to refer to pertinent data and lottery books to make sure your numbers are picked up. The amount of times a number is repeated in the winning list does not determine that it always has to win. You have to see how your luck factor favors you.

The tips and suggestions might have worked for some people, but it not necessary that they might help you win the lottery too.

What matters is the money you win, the popularity of the lottery game may or may not matter!


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