Winning the lottery is not as easy as it might look. It entirely depends upon your luck. If you are lucky enough then the person will pick your number and declare you as the winner. Once you win the lottery, you come under the limelight. The people who had bought the lottery with you might want to know who is the winner and some ordinary people who might be planning to buy the lottery next time will want to know about you to believe in the process. So once you win a lottery, you by default, become an overnight stay for some days. People sometimes buy the lottery book as well to have a better chance of winning than others. In the end, everything depends on the person who picks the lottery number.

Why do some people want to stay anonymous?

There are always some people who want to stay away from media attraction or interaction with unknown people. This is a prevalent reason for staying anonymous. Another most important factor is safety. The more money you have, the more dangerous it is to your life. People are ready to steal money from the winners. So, for safety purposes, few people like to stay anonymous. After they win the lottery, life becomes a bit unfair for the winners. Some genuinely win and some win with the help of lottery books. But the threat to life is the same for both the winners.

For example, Doris Murray won’t $5 million in Georgia lottery in 2007. She was then found stabbed to death after a year by her boyfriend.

This is just one case. There are many other cases related to this topic.

When does the government allow to keep the identity hidden?

Winning a lottery might give pleasure, but the consequences are more strenuous. Some states allow keeping the identity private completely while some states demand valid reasons not to disclose the identity. The government allows keeping the identity discreet if the winning amount is very high. People sometimes steal the lottery books of the winners to win the upcoming lottery tickets.

For example, a woman from New Hampshire won $560 and went up to the court to keep her identity private. The people who picked the lottery ticket for her wanted her identity to be disclosed. The court did listen to her as they understood that she would have to face many threats because of money.


The lottery winners are declared publicly so that the people will believe that lottery winners are real and one among them. In some countries, the lottery fund goes from the public’s fund, so the public has the rights to know about it. Another reason for declaring the lottery is to preserve the game. The primary purpose of the lottery system is to sell a ticket, pick a ticket and then pick the lottery number of the winner so that people will get encouraged and start buying more tickets. ┬áThese are the few reasons why people want to stay anonymous but are not allowed to keep themselves discreet.


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