Are lotteries rigged?

Lotteries are played worldwide for recreational as well as financial purposes. After all, who doesn’t love easy money? Some people have lost their earnings of a lifetime as well as people who have earned a fortune overnight by playing a lottery. However, the authenticity of it can never be known by ordinary people. Even though a lot of rules and regulations are proposed and imposed on the lottery business, many people say that these lotteries are rigged. Many conspiracy theories try to prove that these lotteries are rigged. Although they don’t provide any concrete evidence, some of the ideas are mentioned below. Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Lottery

Is the lottery illegal? How can I win the lottery?

Such questions might arise in your mind when you look at the lottery banners and advertisements. Although the lottery is a type of gambling, it is legal in the United States. Many states conduct it. There are other games like scratch cards too, but Lotto is the most popular. Read more

How to calculate lottery odds?

Calculating odds is important in lottery games. The calculation increases the chances of winning the lottery to maximum times. Many such combinations work in calculating odds in lottery games. These odds are calculated in lottery books also, written by famous writers and expert players. Read more

How to win a scratch-off lottery

Lottery scratch cards are always in fashion since old times. The thrill and enjoyment of the game have attracted many people. Like other games, lottery scratch cards also have a defined pattern through which it is played. The players of the lottery take risks in the game to win. However, there is an equal number of chances of both: winning and losing. Read more

Why can’t lottery winners be anonymous?

Winning the lottery is not as easy as it might look. It entirely depends upon your luck. If you are lucky enough then the person will pick your number and declare you as the winner. Once you win the lottery, you come under the limelight. The people who had bought the lottery with you might want to know who is the winner and some ordinary people who might be planning to buy the lottery next time will want to know about you to believe in the process. So once you win a lottery, you by default, become an overnight stay for some days. People sometimes buy the lottery book as well to have a better chance of winning than others. In the end, everything depends on the person who picks the lottery number. Read more